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Established in 2015 by Bryson Shipp, Ratchet Performance started out as a humble parts distribution service for aftermarket auto parts from Japan. During his searches for customer requests, Bryson was able to observe the market trends for wheels in Japan, and how the current state of the authentic wheel market in the US had sharply contrasted what he was seeing across the pond. Shortly after, he made the decision to expand his services to include sourcing and shipping wheels. Not only did he have access to a wide selection of some of the hottest wheels, but his pricing was virtually unbeatable. After awhile, he found that he was importing more wheels than parts, and thus The Wheel Plug was born! Now, nearly 7 years later, The Wheel Plug has been successfully sourcing and shipping authentic Japanese wheels to customers all over the United States. And now The Real Jdm Store is the physical hub for all  your jdm needs.

Real Wheels Only

Waffle #19 supra winner Jay. T National City ,CA @tunala88 iG


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Who Can Enter?

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How Are Winners Chosen?

Drawings are always done live @thewheelplug on Instagram

drawings are done with a ticket drum and picked at random

Winners of Vehicles get travel expesnses paid to pick up their car in Southern Califorinia at our shop

other prizes please allow up to 35 days of drawing to recieve your prize

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Kelly R. 23 Sacramento


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