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Waffle 26 R34

Waffle 26 R34

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Best D*mn Waffle 26 

Buy a gift card recieve 5 waffles 

Deadline is 12/17/22 9:15pm pst 

We go live 9:30pm pst that same night to.find out who's walking away with this legendary machine 


Waffle Flavors of.the month 

1st R34 Nissan Skyline 

Rb25/ Rwd /5 Speed 

Lands in October 


2nd 2 person round trip (10 days) LaX to Tokyo Plane ticket 

(Postdated for March/april) 

or 1 person for round trip from January 10th-20th to catch Tokyo auto salon + ticket money(you have to take care of transportation/room etc)


3rd Sparco R100 Seat Pair 


4th $200 gas card


5th place Sparco Steering wheel


6th place $150 gas card 


7th place 10 waffles added after pick 3 plus 2 free waffles 


8th $50 gas card 


9th Walts Care kit 


10th 10 free waffles 


After 100 people enter we add 10 more waffle prizes 


1 gift card = 5 waffles 

2.5 gift cards= 12 waffles 

5 gift cards = 30 waffles 

10 gift cards =100 waffles 



Note we are no way affiliated with the garage who sourced the r34 he just has crazy prices on imports lol


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