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Waffle 30 !!

Thats right My personal mk4 is up for grabs or $40k cash for 1st place this waffle 

Buy 1 gift card gain =20 waffles 

Ends 6/3/23 9:30pm pst 

This month's menu 


1st 600hp MK4 supra or $40k cash 

2nd Stnace coilovers or CV 

3rd PS5 

4th Sparco r100 single seat 

5th $200 gas card 

6th $150 gas card 

7th 25 waffles added after 3rd pick + 100 free waffle

8th Hotwheel Nissan JDM set 

9th $50 gas card 

10th 50 free waffles 

After 100 entries we add 5 waffles 

Every subsequent 50 entries gain 5 more waffle prizes 

100= 20 waffles 

250=50 waffles

500=125 waffles

1000=300 waffles

All sales final 

18+ to enter 

Available to US , CANADA , MEXICO

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